there are millions of old monitors .... filled endlessly with LEDs in it >
while not as efficient as the new generation > but good enough for low lighting needs !

above all ... the other construction parts > power diodes > capacitors and resistors ....
are in
there to be found !

so here .... we have the power in ... then the protective resistance > Rs> of the switch on current limiting >
to a couple of
amps! ... for the diodes not being destroyed ... 50 on 120 v ... 100 ohm on 240 v in ....

the CR balast capacitor>

in the simple rectification ~ 15ma led power .... 240v ~ 50 hz .... a 1/2 uf 400v / 250v ~
at the bridge rectification you will have then as well > 15ma at 120v ~ at 60 hz > ~ 20ma at both 

then the diodes > from the power supply + the 
leds of the monitor setting~ 6x yellow led ~ 12 volt
then the load capacitor> CL > mainly for switching on current limiting > since he will have to be charged first .....
about 10uF 16v > because those may fail > best to
install  2 or if available tantalum!
since such are for decades reliable .....

such a lamp then ... will give enough light for example at a toilet .... or a light for walking through a room !
of course you can as well at any time > use new leds to install!
only then you have to select the CL with a higher voltage ....

the physical realization will work with an old fluorescent "energy saving lamp " for example >
remove the fluorescent element > then the 6x led build  into the opening of this .....
the original circuit being changed > or all new .....

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